Thunder Trade leverages its international procurement expertise and global supplier networks to provide the best value for your capital investments.

Strategically positioned across the world, Thunder’s center-led organization manages an annual global spend of nearly $18 million in IT equipment, materials, and services through strategic procurement, material management, contract management, excess recovery enable us to locate hard to find, Long leadtime, or stock purchase where ODM requires an minimum quantity on your behalf.

With access to thousands of resource worldwide, Thunder trade will immediately locate available parts through our extensive network. Working side by side with our customers buyers, material managers and engineers, we are able to demonstrate significant savings in material costs, lower risks of excess material or part shortages as well as greater speed & efficiency in the areas of NPI, engineering design, and general material management.

Thunder trader’s advanced sourcing methods, market intelligence, and global purchasing volume enable the us to drive cost and schedule certainty for your procurement needs.With many years in the industry, Let us put our experience to work for you.

Thunder Trade Procurement Process Flow