Thunder trade offers a new approach when come to repair.

We use latest technology equipment and hire highly training repair engineers to repair and refurbish range of IT related products in house or send our next day repair engineers to perform onsite service.

The new cost saving approach is we can provides options whereby devices can be sent to one of our Global & Regional Logistics Centers for expert servicing for the same quaility service and a faster turn around time in a secure and controlled environment.

Our Global and Regional Logistics Centers facilities are equipped to manage the repair and refurbishment of whole unit devices such as portables (laptops and netbooks), laser printers, and flat panel LCD TVs, as well as field replicable units and sub-assemblies such as fusing assemblies and power supplies.

To accommodate the growing demand for this popular option, Thunder Trade has developed several Depot Repair options, aimed at providing our customers with an easy alternative to onsite repair. Thunder trade can receive, repair and refurbish devices, primarily to reduce the cost and time involved in shipping devices.

Our courier-based option entails Thunder Trade dispatching a courier to collect a problem device, delivering it to a depot facility where it is repaired or refurbished, then returning it to the end-user.

Our Central Depot Services typically supports quick turnaround times and requires repair work to be done in round-the-clock shifts. Typical repairs range from 24-48 hours.