Thunder Trade provides IT supply chain solutions to maximize performance and profitability of our customers.

Our individually designed supply chain management solution is a systemic, strategic coordination of the traditional business functions and tactics across these business functions. By seamlessly integrating manufacturing, warehousing, ordering and logistics will greatly increase the availability and productivity within your organization.Our supply chain solutions optimize supply chain processes through process flow management and re-engineering, to provide complete visibility, traceability and control of goods as they move throughout the supply chain. we tailor our solutions to the exact needs of each of our customers.

We employ the latest highly trained technology professionals to automate key processes and maximize flexibility in responding to changing business needs. Our solution is designed to enable our customer to tackle their key business challenges.

Our Program Offerings Include:

Procurement Services

Strategic sourcing and tactical purchasing, and category management.

Inventory Optimization

Planning and scheduling, standardization and consolidation

Replenishment Control

and Materials Distribution

Information Management and Reporting

Data collection, key performance indicators and continuous improvement

Our customer-driven approach is backed by performance measurements that support customer initiatives and continuous improvement in a variety of industries mainly including Technology, General Industry Health Care and Energy.